End of 2011

Thank you to our Instructors Mr Eccles, Ms Collins, Mr Sutherland and the club black belts Mr Pittman, Mr King,  Mr Bates and Mrs Daborn for a great year! Thanks also to all the club members for making the club a great place to train and become better at Taekwon-Do.

Training in 2012, begins again on Thursday February 2nd. So put that into your calendars now! Also remember to sign up for National Camp (in Rotorua) and/or regional camp (in Gisborne) over the holidays as places will go fast in both. Both camps are held in March and are great opportunities to meet other Taekwon-Do enthusiasts and get extra training from our ITKD Masters.

Kids class starts Sunday the 5th of February as well (normal time 4pm)

Have a good break, and see you in February.


About David Blackwell

1st Dan (graded Dec 1 2012)
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