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Taekwon-Do Events

Tournaments, Gradings, Camps


Tournaments are held throughout the year. Entrants compete in various events including Patterns, Sparring, Specialty Kicks, and Power Breaking.

The tournaments are held at a club, regional and national level.


Technical seminars and camps are available to attend throughout the year. These opportunities should not be passed up, as they are not only informative and engaging, but a lot of fun. Attending seminars and camps affords the opportunity to meet other people in the region. There is a Regional Camp held each year and a National Camp every second year. There is also the National Kids Camp, which is very popular!


Gradings are held periodically throughout the year where students are tested on the syllabus for their rank. Mini-Kids generally have a grading once a term.
Everyone starts as a white belt.

From White Belt to Black belt

Mini-Kid Ranks

White Belt
First Green
First Blue
First Red
First Black
Yellow Tip
Double Yellow Tip
Triple Yellow Tip

Ranks in Taekwon-Do

White Belt
Yellow Tip
Yellow Belt
Green Tip
Green Belt
Blue Tip
Blue Belt
Red Tip
Red Belt
1st - 9th Dan Black Belt