Grading Results December 2015


Grading results

  • Lani Eccles to 4th Gup
  • Duncan Smith to 5th Gup
  • Campbell Smith to 5th Gup
  • Ashleigh Smith to 5th Gup
  • Chris Tse to 7th Gup (A Pass)
  • Janice Wong to 7th Gup (A Pass)
  • Aarun Lim to 8th Gup (A Pass)
  • Rachael Simpson to 8th Gup
  • Scott Simpson to 8th Gup
  • Matthew Tangney to 8th Gup
  • Jesse Chen to 8th Gup
  • Alexander Matthews to 9th Gup
  • Julia Stelwagen to 9th Gup

Minikids Results

  • Nova Lenoard-Drummond to Double Yellow
  • Genevive Tse to First Black
  • Jeremey Coombe to First Black (double grade)
  • Aislin Tse to First Black
  • Danton Gray to First Red
  • Ryan Coombe to First Red
  • Daisy Daborn to First Red
  • Christine Li to First Blue
  • Lucas to First Blue
  • Maya to First Blue
  • Mack to First Blue
  • Dylan Simpson to First Green
  • Kyla Simpson to First Green
  • Edward to First Green


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